Put Your Feet Up: The 4 Amazing Benefits of Ashiatsu Massages

At our spa in Bozeman, Montana, we’re big on the benefits of barefoot massage techniques, which have been practiced for more than 3,000 years in eastern countries. Ashiatsu, a Japanese word that literally translates as ‘foot pressure’ is a western adaptation of techniques derived from multiple countries.

This type of massage today is performed on a standard massage table that additionally has ceiling-mounted bars for the therapist holds on to for balance and control during the treatment. Oil or lotion is used to enhance the client’s experience.

The therapist will apply pressure from their feet, massaging the muscles using long, gliding strokes that lengthen the muscles as well as slow, deep compressions to loosen any knots. The force of the therapist’s body weight behind each of the strokes allows for a depth of massage that is not possible using the hands alone.

While the benefits of massage, in general, are well documented, Ashiatsu massage has a number of advantages over the more traditional types, here are just a few of them:

  • It reduces chronic pain

As a deep tissue compression massage, Ashiatsu massage is incredibly effective in pain reduction. This type of massage goes below the surface layers, manipulating the deeper layers of soft tissue.

In addition to this, the pressure boosts circulation, which has the effect of reducing the kind of inflammation that is associated with chronic pain. Furthermore, it allows for the release of connective tissues, which are responsible for much discomfort people typically feel. This makes it possible for realignment to occur.

This type of massage is particularly suitable for easing long-term back pain associated with poor posture, muscle strain, or degenerated or bulging discs.

  • It improves overall flexibility

Assisted by gravity, the therapist’s body weight when using long, deep strokes is effective in both broadening and lengthening the muscle fibers. Doing this in both directions has the effect of loosening up the muscles and so restoring the body’s natural flexibility – especially in athletes.

Ashiatsu massage is particularly good for the iliotibial band, a thick band of tissue on the outside part of the leg running from the hip to the knee. This is important for running, and problems here can often be the route cause of pain in this portion of the leg for distance runners.

Moreover, old injuries and the associated scar tissues and adhesions also respond well to this type of therapy.

  • There is less discomfort than with deep tissues massage

With traditional deep tissue massage, the fingers, thumbs, and elbows are all utilized to apply pressure to the muscles. The sharpness of these, due to their smaller size, can often lead to discomfort and even bruising.

Ashiatsu massage, on the other hand, can deliver up to three times more pressure than any of these, but without the associated soreness. In fact, Ashiatsu massage actually feels overall much gentler than other kinds, but with the enhanced benefit of going much deeper.

All this means that you will be able to get the relief you need without first experiencing more pain, for an overall, more relaxing, and stress-free experience.

  • The effects last longer

Ashiatsu is perfect for those looking for a really deep and relaxing massage, and, as this is a more intense kind of treatment, the benefits of it can be felt for much longer. For this reason, you may need to rest for a while following this treatment.

After-effects of this therapy include increased circulation of both blood and lymphatic nodes. This enhances health alongside promoting more general feelings of wellbeing.

All in all, massage as a whole is incredibly useful for easing aches and pains, improving circulation, boosting energy, and enhancing mood. However, Ashiatsu massage does offer several advantages over more traditional kinds. Visit Canyon River Spa and Salon for a foot massage in Bozeman to feel the benefits yourself! 

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