Men's Care

Designed specifically for masculine needs, our treatments are sure to revitalize you from even the toughest days.

Elemental Nature℠ Facial for Men
60 min | $90
30 min | $65
Reversing the damage to your skin caused by the elements and the rigors of shaving, this facial improves skin appearance, moisturizes, soothes and reduces ingrown hairs.
Elemental Nature℠ Manicure for Men
50 min | $35
After a hard day of work or play, this treatment grooms nails and invigorates arms and hands.
Elemental Nature℠ Pedicure for Men
60 min | $60
Put your feet up for a moment and enjoy this stimulating foot treatment. Includes nail and cuticle grooming, callous removal and a customized massage and masque treatment.