Our Story


Activate your body’s relaxation response. From the moment you enter, the experiences are designed to help your body relax and heal itself. Aveda’s moment of wellness rituals decrease stress through aroma, touch and breathing, to create an experience that lingers- on skin and heart.


Heather Ripplinger, Owner

I am a Massage Therapist with 15 years of experience. I founded Canyon River Spa in February of 2008. My husband is on active duty in the NAVY. I built the Spa while he was on deployment, as I needed something to do to keep me busy (working a full time job, and having an infant wasn't enough I guess!) The Spa opened shortly after my husband returned from deployment. After 2 wonderful years the Spa burned down January 6th of 2010.

After 5 hard months we rebuilt and have been reopened since June 6th, 2010. I find hardship is the best teacher and my life has grown in depth and happiness through life's good and bad times. My mission is to have an environment in the Spa where people can feel at peace mentally and feel relaxed, pampered and revitalised when they leave. I enjoy people. You never know what you will learn or where a conversation will lead. So talking to our guests is my favorite thing to do at the Spa, besides of course making my famous lattes. 

In 2015 we expanded in to the space next door and moved the salon over.  We became an Aveda lifestyle salon with a full experiential retail center, and we implemented a whole new advanced in-salon education platform with tiered pricing for our stylists’ level of experience.